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Occupation: Tradesman
Education: Learned in the Jewish Scriptures and Pharisaic traditions, mostly in the synagogue; informal education from traveling philosophers and rhetoricians
Languages: Greek (though never skilled at penmanship), with some knowledge of Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin
Married: No
Vocation: Apostle of Jesus Christ
Authorization: By a resurrection appearance of Jesus Christ

To establish congregations of believers in the gentile world (acknowledged by a council of the apostles in Jerusalem)

Areas of operation: Eastern Mediterranean: Arabia, Syria, Cilicia
Asia Minor: Galatia, Asia (Ephesus)
Macedonia (Philippi, Thessalonica)
Achaia (Corinth)
Planned area of operation: Spain
Primary means of transportation: On foot; by sea
Principal means of communication with congregations: Personal visits
Messages sent by apostolic associates, Timothy and Titus
Prison record: Far more imprisonments than he might have wished, or than his adversaries could boast.
Other activities: Raising funds from gentile congregations for relief of believers in Jerusalem.
Physical health:


Vigorous, but chronic problem of recurrent pain.

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