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. . . to colleagues, who have stimulated my curiosity and broadened my horizons
. . . to students, who, by their presence, by their honesty, and by their questions, have challenged me to re-examine my ideas and think new thoughts



Session 1 • Biblical trivia  • Do you mean that Moses was not a monotheist?  • So what’s a “heavenly council?”

Session 2  • The road to monotheism  • Was Paul a monotheist?


Session 3  • Does Genesis really teach the ascent of humankind?  • Compare the The Epic of Gilgamesh

Session 4  • What doth the Lord require of thee . . . ?


Session 5  • Why didn’t the end of the world come as predicted?  

Session 6  • Do you mean the Bible doesn’t teach the immortality of the soul?



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