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Contents of Jesus Traditions

A Manual of Discipleship

For Christians in Antioch

Matthew 5–7


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The ascent of the mount, to instruct his disciples (5:1-2)
A portrait of the disciple: moral and religious traits (“Beatitudes,” 5:3-12)


  I. The disciple in relation to the world (5:13-16)


 II. The relation between Judaism and Christianity, the old and the new (5:17–6:18)

 A.     The Old Law and the New Teaching (5:17-48): six contrasts

[The Old Law as still binding for disciples: 5:17-20]

The prohibition of murder    . . .  of anger and hate (5:21-26)

The prohibition of adultery    . . . of lustful thoughts (5:27-30)

Marriage as exploitation    . . . as equal respect of persons (5:31-32)

Oaths as assurance of truth telling ↔  Integrity, as assurance (5:33-37)

Equal retaliation as the way of resolving disputes ↔ Creative use of suffering (5:38-42)

Hating one’s enemy    Loving one’s enemy (5:43-47)

Admonition to perfection (5:48)


 B.     The Old Piety and the New (6:1-18)

Almsgiving (6:2-4)

Prayer (6:5-15)

Fasting (6:6-18)


III. The Christian and Possessions (6:19-34)

Earthly and heavenly treasure (6:19-21)

Singleness (soundness) of vision (6:22-23)

The choice between serving God or possessions (6:24)

Anxiety about property (6:25-34)


 IV. Other moral and religious teachings (chapter 7)

 A.     The avoidance of judging people uncharitably (7:1-5)

 B.     The folly of giving dogs what is holy or throwing pearls to pigs (7:6)

 C.     Confidence in prayer (7:7-11)

 D.     Concern for others: the so-called Golden Rule (7:12)

 E.      The easy way out or the narrow way in (7:13-14)

 F.      Evaluating the Christian life (7:15-27)

A tree is known by its fruit (7:15-20)

A Christian is known by the person’s deeds, not words (7:21-23)

A Christian is known by performance in adversity (7:24-27)


The amazement of the crowd at his teaching, and descent of the mount (7:28–8:1)


Contents of Jesus Traditions


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