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Chart (B) =

   Post-Conference Founding Missions

» Resurrection appearance
» Arabia
» Damascus
» Jerusalem Visit (1)
=(for acquaintance w/Peter)
3 years after return to Damascus
» Syria and Cilicia (No letters information about activity during this period)
» Jerusalem Visit (2)
=(for the Conference; lest Paul was “running in vain”)

» Antioch: Dispute over interdining
14 years after Jerusalem visit (1)
  » The gentile mission approved
  » The dual mission recognized
  » Agreement on the collection


» Illness   » Founding of congregations in GALATIA = “former” visit  

» Founding of church at PHILIPPI
» Founding of church at THESSALONICA 
     » Aid from Philippi
» Visits Athens
   » Timothy sent to Thessalonica
» Founding of church at CORINTH
   » Aid from Macedonia
   » Return of Timothy from Thessalonica
   » 1 Thessalonians  

[Time references: estimates are based on necessary time for travel, for (self-)employment at his trade, for “open” periods for travel by sea, and for establishment of congregations]     






[A Jerusalem visit is unlikely here; Paul would be coming without the collection.]

» “Latter” visit to Galatia [?]

» Founding visit, EPHESUS 
   » The P-LETTER, the Previous Letter, to Corinth
   » Titus to Corinth (first visit), to begin collection   » Information from Corinth
   » Fighting with beasts
   » The L-LETTER, the “Laundry List of Problems” Letter (= 1 Corinthians), to Corinth
      » Travel plans: Ephesus/ Macedonia/ Corinth 
   » Collection begun in Galatia (as much as 5 years after founding of churches)

  » Collection begun in Corinth (2-4  years after founding of the church)

  » Directions given for collection in Corinth (following the model of Galatia)

   » Crisis in Galatia   » GALATIANS
» Imprisonment
   » Epaphroditus arrives from Philippi
   » Onesimus appears   » PHILEMON
» Release from prison
» Crisis in Corinth: Super-apostles arrive
   » Lapse of work on collection in Corinth
   » Intermediate visit to Corinth   » Travel plans: Ephesus/ Corinth/ Macedonia/ Corinth
   » Offence against Paul   » Travel plans: Ephesus/ Macedonia/ Corinth
  » Lapse of collection in Galatia




» Back in Ephesus: the H-Letter, the Harsh Letter (= 2 Corinthians 10–13), to Corinth; sent in care of Titus (second visit)
» Escape from death in Asia
   » Departure: to Troas; successful work, but . . .
» Departure for Macedonia, to meet Titus
» In Macedonia:
   » “fighting without and fear within”
   » Arrival of Titus with welcome news of reconciliation in Corinth



  » Collection begun in Macedonia (3-6 years after the founding of congregations)

   » The R-LETTER, the Letter of Reconciliation (= 2 Corinthians 1–9), to Corinth 
   » The letter is carried by Titus (third visit), who is also to resume the collection project, in the company of two brothers
   » [If 2 Corinthians 9 is a separate letter from 2 Corinthians 1-8,] the F-LETTER, the “Follow-up” Letter, to Corinth (= 2 Corinthians 9)
   » Completion of collection in Macedonia
   » Departure for Corinth
» Third visit to Corinth    
   » Completion of collection in Corinth
   » Composition of ROMANS.
   » Travel plans:
     » To Jerusalem, to deliver the collection
     » To Rome
     » To Spain
» Jerusalem Visit (3)
=(to deliver collection)

  » (Presumed) Delivery of the Collection (6-8 years after agreement)  



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